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MBC034 to puncture the fruit raising machine
  This machine mainly used for wool, spinning wool, chemical fiber and blended fabric pilling, Shun Mao processes. As a result of plant thorn fruit fluff to make the fabric soft, natural feel, Nassarius concealed, especially for middle-grade woolen fabrics better, for the wool textile industry are increasingly paying attention to one of the finishing equipment, has a high economic value.
  Raising Machine BC034 thorn fruit is my plants absorbed the essence of foreign manufacturers, combined with China's national conditions and are our factory engineering and technical staff to visit units in the original barbed pilling machine structural adjustment, the appearance of change, made from, obviously has the following advantages:

First performance:
1, rack using iron welding, press brake forming, pleasing in appearance, lightweight and practical
2, the machine from the rack, starting谷a爽, hand wheel adjustment, stripping hair brush, a cloth swing, cloth racks and a cloth composed of VVVF.
3, the aircraft was designed four contact points ,2-4 can be arbitrary regulation, contact conditioning, manual adjustment by the four small guide roller to contact contact requirements, easy to operate.
4, a cloth imported VVVF technology, is the first time in the use of aircraft, its speed running smooth, noise low-power province, meet the needs of different fabric pilling process, the use of effects and grade of products greatly enhanced.
5, guide roller, tension roller, are composed of stainless steel tube material, tube wall thickness in the 3-6mm.
6, with a slow reciprocating cylinder function, so that uniform fabric pilling.
7, The machine adopts the closed door enclosures, dust-proof and safe.

Second, specifications:
1, the machine forms: right hand cars
2, the biggest gong for width: 1700mm
3, cylinder diameter: φ850mm
4, cylinder speed: 88 rev / min
5, horizontal cylinder: 38mm
6, gill fruit aircraft: 20 row
7, the fabric speed: VVVF
8, Overall dimension: 3800 〜 3000 〜 2300
9, weight: About 2250kg
10, transmission mode: the main motor drive Gearbox main drive, frequency converter, the electrical speed box, adjust the speed of the cloth.