Setting Machine
ZHL-1900 Continuous steaming machine
ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
Q4111-100jet type teaches silk dyeing machinery
Y series 50-600-1000stranded wire dyeing machinery
FDME-38 at room temperature overflow woolen cloth dyeing machine
NB441 Program-controlled decating machine
N711 decating machine
N061 light milling machine
DC-3-8 skein drying pit
N464B advanced version disperses the wool
N461N642 hair bulb dyeing machinery
Twin-roll rolling three water dispenser
MBC034 to puncture the fruit raising machine
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Setting Machine

First, the equipment, process
Width into the fabric - the nose overfeed - correction device - expansion rate - three-finger stripping edge - infra-red
side - brush over-feed -24 meters Oven - After over-feed - air cooling - water cooling - at the mercy drop cloth
II. Main technical parameters
1. Nominal width: 2200mm (adjustable width 1100-2000)
2. Mechanical speed :10-80 m / min
3. Oven temperature: 220 , divided into 4 groups temperature control
4. Use the power: 380v, 50Hz