Setting Machine
ZHL-1900 Continuous steaming machine
ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
ZH-2000 highly effective decating machine
Q411¡¡1-100jet type teaches silk dyeing machinery
Y series 50-600-1000stranded wire dyeing machinery
FDME-38 at room temperature overflow woolen cloth dyeing machine
NB441 Program-controlled decating machine
N711 decating machine
N061 light milling machine
DC-3-8 skein drying pit
N464B advanced version disperses the wool
N461¡¢N642 hair bulb dyeing machinery
Twin-roll rolling three water dispenser
MBC034 to puncture the fruit raising machine
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DC-3-8 skein drying pit
¡¡¡¡The machine applies to wool, such as clear-lun Stranded knitting wool and cotton by the wet processing of the drying process after dehydration treatment, also available on the twisted wire payment½zShave been dried.
Technical parameters

Type Oven a few Drying rate kg / h (kg / h)
Wool Ching-lun Cotton
DC-3 3 300 300 210
DC-4 4 400 410 310
DC-5 5 500 550 380
DC-6 6 600 650 500
DC-8 8 800 890 690